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Slideshow Mastery

Skins with graphics and animations
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Slideshow Mastery

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Customizable slideshow (sequential or random order) with adjustable background, frame, border, & shadow
  • Supports image manipulation for greyscale, tinting, opacity, & Exif rotation
  • Left-click can be set to update, pause, open image, open folder, or do nothing
  • Scroll mouse wheel to sequentially cycle forwards or backwards
  • Middle click to refresh
  • Settings button or right-click for all left-click & scroll options
  • Set programs you want to open image or folder
Inspired by Custom Slideshow Frame by M4he.
Glass reflection added as a tribute to Glasses by VClouds.

  • Separated user-modified variables & rest of the skin for faster, easier support of multiple slideshows
  • Added support for greyscale & image tinting
  • Removed menu option to change corner style
  • Added sample slideshows & layout for all skin styles in sample image
  • Fixed error setting left-click to open an image or folder in a specified program
  • Context menu added for all left-click & scroll options
  • Replaced slideshow mode & corners buttons with settings button
  • Use settings button or right-click to access context menu
  • Variables added to start paused, rotate image based on Exif info, & specify particular programs to open images or folders
  • Tooltip now shows if slideshow is paused or not
  • First release