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Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

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Re: Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Post by CyberTheWorm »

I'm finding a lot of website don't work with dark mode, so I have gone back to light mode.
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Re: Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Post by deflore08 »

By the way, Opera GX have this mode as well, but now as beta-feature.


To enable this, go into "Easy Setup" and mark "Force dark pages".
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Re: Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Post by MikeG621 »

Brian wrote: July 30th, 2020, 4:42 pm I use dark mode whenever possible as it is easier on my eyes. Even in the daytime.

Same here. I have heightened photo-sensitivity, so my monitors/screens tend to stay on their darkest settings whenever possible and if there's a way to force a dark mode I will find it, and sometimes I'll throw the red-shifting night mode on top of it. In the version of Excel we have at work since it doesn't follow W10's settings I have a dark grey image I apply to spreadsheet backgrounds so it's not a wall of white.

Some people argue that dark mode uses less power on screens (which I think has been tested), but for me it's an accessibility issue.

And yes, this means I cannot physically open my eyes all the way outdoors during the day without sunglasses or a thick cloud cover.
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Re: Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Post by pul53dr1v3r »

MikeG621 wrote: August 3rd, 2020, 6:14 pm
i agree with this as i have more or less the same issues with my eyes. i've also experienced on myself and made sure that unequal light in front of my monitor and even on sides causes serious eye strain and even headache to me, especially if daylight is coming from my sides.

Make sure your Monitor, TV and Phone doon't use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to regulate its backlight. It's very bad to sensitive eyes.

To test it, you need a camera with as higher shutter speed as possible, for instance 1/4000s. Get set it looks brighter, increase ISO to the highest level.
Those options are usually available when you choose the PRO mode of your phone camera.

Apart from this, the Blue Light might be very harmful for some people. To reduce it, Windows 10 has an option called Night light:

and to adapt it more:

More about Blue light: here

Here is also a tip for those who use DarkReader, and who don't know for it, to change themes. i preffer the Static+ because of speed and looking of the content.
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Re: Dark mode in Microsoft Edge

Post by Hanif1601 »

Hey, same thing here. Both Chrome & Microsoft Edge (and also Chromium based browsers too) has

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flag on it. Yeah.