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Moxa weather touble (not the usual stuff)

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Moxa weather touble (not the usual stuff)

Post by j4xx88 »

Whenever I try to move the moxa weather skin it keeps snapping back to its original (and awkward looking) spot.
I've messed around with the snap to edges, keep on screen, etc. but no luck. It will stay where I move it for a few seconds but when I move my mouse it snaps back. Any ideas or solutions would be awesome, thanks.

Edit: Just to be a little more clear I am using the yahoo version that comes with enigma, it also seems to be snapping back when the yahoo logo disappears.

Edit: Well I seem to have fixed it by stopping the mouseover and mouseleave in the ini file, but I've noticed that the days are 1 day behind ( It is now sunday but it is displaying the day as saturday), so old problam solved but help on the new one would be nice.