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Rainmeter hogging CPU

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Rainmeter hogging CPU

Post by Izkid »

Anytime my computer feels sluggish, I'll check my task manager and I see than Rainmeter is the biggest offender. Why is Rainmeter using so much of my CPU all of a sudden? (This has only been happening recently, I've never had this problem before)
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Re: Rainmeter hogging CPU

Post by Jkon »

If it is only recent it is most likely a skin you have added or edited recently.Try unloading the skins you are using one at a time(recently added skins first) keeping an eye on your cpu usage.You may have to do it in very slow stages,ie,one skin every couple of hours.You should find the culprit eventually.If you do,then we can try to figure out what is wrong with the skin.There could be a number of reasons for it but your best bet is to start like i explained.