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Post by iamjohnpalencia »

Hi i am an avid fan of rainmeter for design and customization however i got backed from using this on my LAPTOP (DELL G3 3579 [Intel i7 / 24GB RAM / GTX1050Ti 4GB Graphics Card) . What i want to accomplish is to display the GRAPHICS CARD TEMP - but its not letting me to get that result with this laptop model, i have no trouble doing that in my personal Desktop where i use MSI afterburner to achieve the result for the GPU Temp..

HWInfo / CoreTemp / SpeedFan = they all failed to sense the GPU TEMP of my laptop only the CPU temp , where as upon checking shockingly SPECCY can definitely display my GPU details , specs , capacity and most specially the GPU TEMP ! I checked if there is any available dll for speccy for rainmeter but i can't find any :( is there any possible solution for this i want to take a monitoring for my GPU temp ..

Thank you so much
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Post by Jeff »

Wrong section of the forum and plugins like MSIAfterburner or HWInfo let you get the GPU temp
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Post by mak_kawa »

Hi iamjohnpalencia

For me, as Jeff said, HWiNFO and its plugin show GPU temparature with no problem as well as Speccy. So, maybe the problem is in your HWiNFO plugin measure description for your laptop?

How about the GPU ThermalDiode value in the HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer on your laptop? Its Sensor ID, Instance and Entry ID are concordant with those in plugin measure description as HWiNFOSensorId= HWiNFOSensorInstance= HWiNFOEntryId=?