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Changing .jfif to .jpg

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Changing .jfif to .jpg

Post by jsmorley »

Lately, Windows has changed the default file extension for JPEG images from .jpg to .jfif when you drag and drop or download an image. Basically, any time you retrieve an image as "data" and not a "file", and attempt to save it on your system, like "Save image as" in your browser.

These file formats are the same, but it can be disconcerting to get a new file extension that you don't have associated with the app you want, and some apps and sites may not recognize or like the new file extension.

To force windows to save JPEG image data as .jpg on your system, do this:

Note that Rainmeter is fine with either extension in image-related meters. Rainmeter doesn't really care if it doesn't recognize an extension, it will attempt to "figure out" what kind of image any file is.