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Audio Wizard [Sound Environment Management]

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Audio Wizard [Sound Environment Management]

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So with a lot of help, not only in this thread, but in others I participated in and learnt from over the past couple weeks - I now present what I feel is a decent Beta of what I hope to have in this kind of skin.

There are a couple features still on the books -

So without going overly into the workings, I'll just simply post it and see if anyone is curious about how it works, or if they find it reasonably intuitive.

I hope some people will find this useful and fun.
Audio Wizard_xx.04.rmskin
There are some caveats - system configs will differ as well as audio ability/functionality.
I found that going through windows 10 and exploring the different sound managers within it - this skin makes it easy to have 7.1 the switch to headphones/speaker in headphone socket for 2 channel output rather than more speakers of ch4 ch6 ch8.

I made this to easily change to lesser output settings for mp4 or avi that do not support 5.1 or 7.1.
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