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S|P|L|I|C|E Screensaver

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S|P|L|I|C|E Screensaver

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S|P|L|I|C|E Screensaver
Based on my S|P|L|I|C|E Visualizer

Since this skin uses a bit of system resources to display sliced images, using it when the system is idle makes good sense.

Here is a stand alone version that will monitor mouse/keyboard activity and activate S|P|L|I|C|E as a screen saver after a preset number of seconds (120 default). It will display music driven spliced images if audio is playing or full-color images if there is no audio.

Load "SpliceSaver\SpliceSaver.ini", and click the skin (it will display for 15 seconds on the initial load) to open the configuration and set the path to your images; it is recommended they have a resolution at least as large as your screen width and height, smaller images are not resized.

To access configuration again use the skin Manage dialog or unload/load the skin.

Enjoy! Comments always welcomed...
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