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Reverse Geocoding

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Reverse Geocoding

Post by mak_kawa »

I am now looking for "reverse geocoding" service that will be used in my slideshow skin. Through the service, address and/or location name will be obtained from embedded GPS information (latitude and longitude) in photo image.

My desired conditions for the service are...

1. Free or practically free.
2. Worldwide.
3. URL including query with latitude and longitude values returns address/location.
4. Sustainable.

Currently I am using Reverse Geocoder API of Yahoo! Japan. The URL structure is like this.
Results of this service are almost enough and satisfactory for me so far. Its free access limit is 50,000/day (excellent!). My access interval from the slideshow skin is 10-20 seconds, so frequency is not exceeding 10,000/day at all.
But...It is *the* Yahoo!, its sustainability is as you know. :-) Further, this API returns only Japanese domestic location name in doule-byte characters.

I have found moshi's thread in this forum. But it seems to be somewhat out-of-date.

Yes I know, of course, about Google Map API. But its free access limit is (probably) 28,000/month (not day!)...quite insuffcient for me. The access cost over free limit is possibley 0.004$/access(= 40$/10,000 access)?, but I am not fully sure.

Your recommended free reverse geocoding service site(s)?