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Future Desktop Suite

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Re: Future Desktop Suite

Post by TeKnoZiz »

I have enjoyed your desktop for a few years now, thanks! However, there is one little bug that I would appreciate a fix for. I am unable to save the Name setting for game menu #8. All other menus seem fine, even ones after it. No matter what I try it just remains blank. The link works correctly, though.
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Re: Future Desktop Suite

Post by Misanthrop68 »

Hello TeKnoZiz,
I'm glad you've been enjoying the suite for so long. And I'm sorry you encountered a bug. Can you tell me which version of Future Deaktop you are using. It could be that the current version 1080p V 2.1.2 no longer has this error! If so let me know and I will find a solution for you.
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