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Meter [Styles] not bound to anything[solved]

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Re: Meter [Styles] not bound to anything[solved]

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Jkon wrote:I'll update to beta today then and thanks for clearing that up for me.I think for some people like me the term beta conjours up ideas of testing and such and scares them off.Thanks again for all your help.
I understand, but Rainmeter has a good track record with betas, and since it does, lots of folks get it and start using the new features right away, so you may find skins out there that you like that you can't run if you stay only on the releases. I guess part of the comfort with it is that Rainmeter, like GMail, was in "beta" for years and that was just what folks used. It wasn't until mid last year that we started doing real "releases" with version 1.0.