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A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Modules(V2) by Sephirotess:

- languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Serbian & Romanian,
- text color, font face, font size... can be modified,
- easy configuration with the "settings" panel.

- Serbian language thanks HipHopium
- Spanish language thanks Agelyk
- German language thanks Luzifersenpai,
- Romanian language thanks Yincognyto,

You can increase the size of the skins with the left click. Use the middle click to decrease. Use the right click (context menu) on the "processes skins" for the controls (hibernate, restart, shutdown...).

Section "Divers":

- Bookmarks: simple bookmarks, with 12 links. Click on the ptb to change links and names,

- Date: date (local language) & time.

Section "HDD":

- HDD (C -> Z ): shows the name & free space. Use the tooltip for more information (total, free & used space...),

- Recycle Bin: shows the number of present files and their size.

Section "Sound":

- Player: shows the name of the artist, the title of the song, title of the album, position, duration, bitrate... Buttons: play/pause, stop, previous & next. Left click on the bar to change song position,

- Volume: left click on the percentage increase sound. Right click decrease sound.

Section "System":

- Battery: battery level,

- CPU: usage,

- Download: shows current dowload speed,

- GPU: usage (requires Windows 10 fall Creators Update or later),

- Processes: number of open processes,

- Processes CPU: 6 top processes CPU (with UsageMonitor),

- Processes RAM: 6 top processes with RAM usage (UsageMonitor),

- RAM: free RAM. Use the tooltip for more information (total, free & used RAM),

- SWAP: free SWAP. Use the tooltip for more information (total, free & used SWAP),

- Upload: current upload speed.

Wallpaper "winter iceland". Original author Coupons Washington
If you want the same wallpaper

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