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So I've used Rainmeter before and 'forgot' about it for some time but now I'm back.

I'm a network system specialist with a passion of home automation.

Now I intend to setup a user friendly dashboard for my home automation and figured I could build it using Rainmeter.

I'm not 100% sure that Rainmeter is right for what I want to build, please let me know if it sounds just wrong or possible.

I want to build a menusystem/launcher that is dynamic in the sense of configuration. I intend to let a JSON object be my source of configuration.
The menu should have sub-menues, info-objects and launcher-objects.

As of design I was thinking of starting out with a honey comb cell and as that one is pushed append with adjuncting cells, shifting in shade based on function (folder, info-object and launcher-object).

If Rainmeter is not the right tool for the project and you know of a more suitable tool just let me know. If this had been back in the dark ages (2000) I would have build a menu using Adobe Flash but that's not going to happen 2019..