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Oblivitron WIP

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Oblivitron WIP

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First post...

I've been working on a skin (my first) on and off for probably 2 years now when I could find the time. I'm rearranging my work/play time a bit so I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time to regularly work on this now. I figured posting it here would also keep me better on track.

I've been working on this in a bit of a vacuum, just googling everything I needed to know when I needed it, which often led me to this forum to find the results, but overall I probably still don't know a lot of basics.

The skin's look was somewhat inspired by the UI elements in the movie Oblivion, hence the name... which may change too, just came up with it now for this thread.

As you hopefully can see in the images, it's your typical collection of boxes and rectangles that can be stacked with different.

* Some basic features:

- Small button setup that's always on top allows you to push the whole skin to the front or back, so you can access it without having to minimize windows.
- Background transparency can be set separately for when the skin is on top of all windows or on desktop, so elements are always properly visible regardless of what's behind (see images attached).
- All windows have some mouse over gimmick (see images attached).
- All elements have their own config button and config window to setup everything about them, plus a global settings window for refresh timers, BG transparency and global skin scale.
- Skin scale can be changed globally and all the elements will adapt. you can make everything 10x smaller or bigger if you like, depending of your resolution, and eye sight.
- There's several types of boxes to launch links/apps, some with Icons, some with text labels (see images attached).
- Some Icons can be right clicked and a further Sub-launcher window will open (good for collections of apps or to open folders related to an app or topic).

* Current known issues:

- Currencies box stopped working sometime back and at the time didn't find a fix, so broken it still is.
- Configs have a space where you enter your labels/links etc for the boxes. I always have to have a '-' in the empty space because if I have nothing, the space vanishes and it can't be clicked and edited anymore. (forcing you to edit the config file manually and adding a - to the variable value again. Couldn't figure out the issue when I started so I've just been dragging it along.
- Never packed up a skin for sharing before, have to look into that, and make a clean/empty config file without all my links/apps in it and hope it works.

* To do:

- Network traffic UP and DOWN boxes.
- Swap file
- Processes
- Text notes
- Date/Time ...maybe
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