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Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1

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Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1

Post by BennoPrins »

I installed Rainmeter v4.3 final in my Windows 8.1 system. I imported my Music Visualizer plugin (Using NowPlaying) and tested it. As soon as I close Windows Media Player, my visualizer starts flashing (Reloading?), if I check Task Manager, WMP.exe is still open and it won't close 'till I close Rainmeter.
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Re: Windows Media Player in Windows 8.1

Post by balala »

Not sure what you mean by
BennoPrins wrote: April 17th, 2019, 12:34 pm I imported my Music Visualizer plugin (Using NowPlaying)
What does mean you've imported a plugin using NowPlayer? And what plugin are you talking about, AudioLevel?
Now related to the question, although I don't get the described behavior exactly as you've described it, there indeed is a small problem when using NowPlayer measures with WMP. When closing WMP, although its main window is closed, it remains running in background and easiest it can be closed by restarting Rainmeter. The only thing I don't get as you've described it is the flashing, I don't have a such flash. But this probably can be caused by the skin you're using.
This probably is a bug of WMP and you have nothing to do. Especially that if I'm not wrong, newer Microsoft doesn't even support WMP (however this is just my opinion, didn't found this written somewhere).
Eventually post here the skin you're having problems with, just for a check.