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Simple Text Marquee

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Re: Simple Text Marquee

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ZXCVBOT wrote: November 3rd, 2023, 9:10 am Can you just implement final-touches in your code - none are marquee related, but for beginners and yeah lazy people:
Firstly, the big box is not the container, still, its bigger than the container, also, since shrinking the box that fits the container has been shrunk, shifting the X axis of Container. Next would be my mistake, I forgot to remove the tooltiptext part in M_Artist while posting the code initially - just remove it completely. There's no harm in either, but you know, it will be better.

Shape=Rectangle 2,2,52,66,2 | Fill Color 0,0,0,128 | StrokeWidth 1 | Stroke Color 255,255,255,255



I implemented the pause code from the one you gave, and it's awesome! What's more insane is it is matching the vibe with the current AIMP skin and the timings of their marquee is almost same - :lol:
Done, thanks. :thumbup:

This was meant to be a starting point for others, with the final touches up to the user, just like raiguard's ActionTimer variant, so the values I used earlier were just for testing purposes. Never bothered to make it perfect since it's not like I'm releasing this officially, but since you mentioned the changes, there you go.

I'm glad you like the pausing thing - it still has one or two minor glitches here and there, but they seem to be present only in the beginning so I'll skip overpolishing this, the rest is up to those who'll actually be using this. ;-)
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