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Rainformer 3.1 HWiNFO Edition

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Re: Rainformer 3.1 HWiNFO Edition

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GraphicsTrend wrote: June 27th, 2024, 7:25 pmI tried once again and nothing worked in terms of temperatures/fan speeds or anything that uses HWiNFO. I used HWiNFO 7.5.
Yincognito wrote: June 28th, 2024, 12:22 amI'll check it again tomorrow and see if I got some other ideas.
Alright, as promised, I tried it again and both my NVidiaGeForce GTX 1650 dedicated video card and my AMD Vega 6 integrated card display the right values, once configured. I didn't have to configure anything for the former as all the right values were already there in the case of the GPU1 skin, while I've been setting some values without any issues for the latter in the case of the GPU2 skin (though I didn't bother much with the memory values, as you can see). I did have to refresh the skins to see the updated results though:
So, I'm out of ideas for the current code, since your screenshots appear to illustrate that you configured everything correctly. That being said, since you already tried a 7.0+ version of HWiNFO, you could try to "convert" how the Rainformer skin works to the "new" way of Using HWiNFO with Rainmeter. Start small with a few things like the GPU temperature, see if it works better than the "old" Shared Memory Viewer way, and if so, convert the rest of it. By the way, not sure how this skin is computing the memory stuff, as it seems to have some differences between the NVidia vs AMD systems.
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