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Coding help requested for modifying Skin

Help with creating, editing & fixing problems with skins
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Re: Coding help requested for modifying Skin

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Zer0Bit wrote: February 2nd, 2019, 2:06 am I also added an if statement for a true condition to make the bar green as well
Very good! Although it is working, if multiple IfConditions are set on a measure, Using both IfTrueAction and IfFalseAction isn't a very lucky procedure. Don't misunderstand me, as I said, it works, however me at least, tend to avoid it.
So, good point, congratulations.
Zer0Bit wrote: February 3rd, 2019, 12:30 am I definitely understand the rainmeter coding better.
I'm glad if you do.

Just two remarks about your last posted code:
  • Although once it belonged to the [Rainmeter] section, the Author option was deprecated there and moved to [Metadata]. Move it you too.
  • Lately the place of the resources (images, sounds, addons and so on) used by the skin should have to be the @Resources folder. The skins are working even if those resources are not there, however this would be the best practice. So, for example you should have to create a such @Resources folder into the root config (the first folder placed into the Skins folder) and move the images there. For example the CPU INTERFACE.png image, used into the [Background] Image meter, should be placed into this @Resource folder and you should have to refer to it as ImageName=#@#CPU INTERFACE.png. Obviously the skin is working even if those resources aren't placed there or even if a @Resources folder doesn't even exist, however this is the expected place, where all those resources should have to be. I recommend to move it there you too.