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Resizable Round Calendar(V1)

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Resizable Round Calendar(V1)

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Resizable Round Calendar(V1) by Sephirotess:

- 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian & Serbian,
- text color, font face, font size... can be modified,
- easy configuration with the "settings" panel.

- Serbian language thanks to HipHopium (,
- Spanish language thanks to Agelyk (,
- German language thanks to luzifersenpai (

You can increase the size of the calendar with the left mouse button. Just click on the background. Use the middle click to decrease.

- Calendar: simple round calendar with weekdays, full date (local language), time and a nice clock :-). Use the orbs to see previous or next months.

Wallpaper "Explosion". Original author Unknown. The link I used for the wallpaper is no longer available, sorry :-(.

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