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Smiths Gauges

Skins that monitor system information
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Smiths Gauges

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Hi All

This is my first creation with RainMeter - soo much of the info was found on this forum, so I thought I should share it here - sorry I dont have a DeviantArt account.

This skin I made for my racing simulator rig, to run on a spare screen. It is a representation of 1960's style Smiths Gauges used in a lot of race cars at the time. Like most things it started out as a simple idea and ballooned into a monster.

* - I recommend this skin be loaded on a second or third monitor with a dark wallpaper.
* - It is quite CPU intensive, so I wouldn't turn on all gauges and try and run it on slow CPU PC.

* - It will load itself to the desktop position and automatically set the transparency (can be configured)
* - It will Automatically resize depending on screen resolution
* - It will calculate and set the Global skin Update rate to keep rainmeter under a configurable CPU usage limit (On my AMD 8Core 4.7Ghz it uses less than 15% CPU with all options on
* - It is heavily dependent on HW Monitor
* - It will re-position meters / Gauges depending on which ones are on or off
* - All configuration settings are made by editing a file called
* - If a gauge is switched off in configuration file, the skin will automatically turn off any dependent gauges
* - Some gauges will turn off in groups, for instance if you turn off GPU Load it assumes you don't wish to monitor any GPU parameters and turns off all GPU gauges
* - Gauges will automatically switch to night mode (blue colouring) after sunset, can be disabled

Gauges and Measures
* - CPU Load, total CPU Usage percentage
* - Process Load, the CPU load % used by a nominated process, like Rainmeter for instance
* - CPU Core Temp in degrees Celsius
* - Auxilliary Temp, this is any other temp your motherboard can monitor
* - CPU Fan Speed ( percentage of fastest measured so far)
* - AUX Fan Speed
* - GPU Load for 1st GPU
* - GPU Load for 2nd GPU
* - GPU 0 and 1 Temps
* - GPU 0 and 1 Fan Speed
* - First Network Interface Speed (light system)
* - Second Network Speed (Perhaps you have a wireless connection as well as hard wired)
* - System Memory Used (%)
* - Virtual Memory Used (%)
* - GPU0 Memory Used (%)
* - GPU1 Memory Used (%)
* - Barometer, shows Humidity, Temp, Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Sunset and Sunrise times
* - Moon, shows moon phase and rotation angle in Barometer - only displays after sunset and before sunrise
* - Sun, tracks suns position across the sky, moved across barometer gauge, also changes colour depending on time of day, from yellow to red. Only displays during daylight hours
* - Clock
* - Date, displays date within clock gauge in form of Mileage counter
* - Uptime, displays windows uptime within CPU Usage gauge in form of Mileage counter
* - VU Meters, display RMS and Peak Volume levels
* - Hard Drive Used Space in % - will support up to 8 Logical drives.
* - Hard Drive Temp and S.M.A.R.T status, will support up to 8 Physical Drives
* - System Fan warning lamp, will light if System Fans stop
* - GPU Fan warning lamp, will light if GPU fans stop, as long as GPU usage / load is above 15% (As some cards turn them off below that)
* - Audio Level Lamps, these light up if Peak Audio volume is above 90% - kind of like audio clipping lamps
* - Temp Warning lamp, this will light in orange or red depending on whether any of the monitored temps are near or in their red zones
* - HDD warning lamp, this will light in orange if any logical drive is nearing 80% used or if any Physical drive has a SMART warning, it will light in red if any logical drive is over 80% used or if a physical drive has a SMART fail.
* - Engine Button - this will turn off RainMeter (must use CTRL-Click to activate)
* - Spanner Button - this will reset the Global Update values and cause the skin to re-calculate (must use CTRL-Click to activate)

Well that's it - I think, please feel free to modify change or edit it however you want to.

I hope you enjoy it
Smiths Gauges_2.0.rmskin
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