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How to get this look to my iTunes player?

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How to get this look to my iTunes player?

Post by TheAslan »


I really like to know how to get this look to my iTunes, i have Silent Night skin installed but i don't know how to get samekind of window which shows first in this screenshot:

And secondly what's that star icon which shows bottom right? I have it too but there's no chance to click it, do i need somekind of plugin there?
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Re: How to get this look to my iTunes player?

Post by maminscris »

just download the pack, as the description said

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※ System Requirements

- Windows 7 / XP / Vista
- iTunes for Windows (v9.0.3.15 only)

※ Package included

- Silent Night iTunes - Windows Style.exe
- Silent Night iTunes - Mac Style.exe
- Uninstaller.exe
- iTunes Taskbar Player (iTunesMiniPlayer.dll) (32 & 64-bit)
- Fonts (iTunes.ttf, iTunes Bold.ttf)
- GDI++

※ How to install

1. Install font files to system font folder. (/Windows/Fonts)
2. Choose the "Windows Style" or "Mac Style" and to install it.
3. enjoy :)

※ How to change the font

1. Open the font file (.ttf or .otf) in FontCreator. [link]
2. Renaming font [link] and save as iTunes.ttf.
3. Install font to system font folder. (/Windows/Fonts)
4. Run iTunes. ^^
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