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[Solved] Pulling multiple values from a string

Discuss the use of Lua in Script measures.
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Re: Pulling multiple values from a string

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minusInfinite wrote:Still not sure if the FinishAction option only completes one or on every UpdateRate? Or if I would need to have a timer to run the script manually again.
It runs on every update cycle of the parent WebParser measure (let's say on every UpdateRate), if the data are parsed successfully.
minusInfinite wrote:I've found that disabling all the calc measures and using the FinishAction option on the Webparser measure to enable them has eliminated these errors in the log until the script does it's thing and provides values to calculate. Saw this method in another skin I use and found it nifty.
As usually, every problem has more solutions. You've found another one, it seems. :thumbup:
minusInfinite wrote:At this time I'm using a the haveKey variable but if there is a better way I'm keen to know :)
This probably is another valid approach. :thumbup: