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GitHub Release Statistics

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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GitHub Release Statistics

Post by raiguard »

This skin retrieves release statistics from the specified GitHub repository, displaying them in a scrollable list. It displays the release version, date published, and download count for all release assets.

The skin has options to show or hide prereleases from the list, and change which repository the skin is monitoring.

The skin retrieves the data using the GitHub REST v3 API, which downloads the data as JSON. The included JSON.lua script parses the data and retrieves the necessary values, and those values are assigned to meters through inline LUA.

Please keep in mind that the GitHub API only allows up to 60 requests per hour from non-verified sources. If you update the data more than 60 times in an hour, the skin will cease to function, displaying all blanks.
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Re: GitHub Release Statistics

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Nice! I need to do some scrollable lists in mine as well! Thats awesome!