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Alert Weather skin By Om3g4 v2.02

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Alert Weather skin By Om3g4 v2.02

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Alert Weather by Om3g4 (

-Show time and date on the desktop.
-Show current temp and conditions with big icon.
-Show forecast up to 4 days graphically
-Show time where the sun is up.
-Show the wind in km/h and gust.
-Show alerts from

For all Canadians users, the skin can show alerts from with a alert icon like on the image.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;

Alert Weather by Om3g4 v2.00

-Added clock with active needle for the time icon.
-Added file in the @Resources folder to configure the skin.
-Added layout to load the skin and set it up on the top of the screen.

Use the layout to load the skin. Configure the location code and all the settings of the skin in the file of the @Resources folder.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ;

Alert Weather by Om3g4 v2.02

-Added text below icon adjusted.
-Added layout adjusted.
-Added codes cleaned.
-Added corrected misspellings.

I'm waiting for your comments. Thank you!
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Alert Weather_v2.02.rmskin
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