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Help with a word of the day....

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Help with a word of the day....

Post by impreziv »

I am trying to make a word of the day program. The only problem that I have is that I am trying to make the program for a word of the day in Greek. When I try to display the words in Greek it always comes up as jibberish. I have tried everything I can think of from reading in from a text file, a word document, rich text, reading in from an rss feed, writing it in as a string, etc. No matter what I do it always jibberish. Does rainmeter not have the ability to display special characters? When I change the text to symbol the string works, but again when I try to read Greek letters from an rss or something written in a text file with Greek language support from Windows it just comes up as jibberish.

Please Help!!
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Re: Help with a word of the day....

Post by Nere »

You will have to set the correct coding:

WebParser Plugin

Code: Select all

It worked for special characters of my language.

Hope it helps.
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