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calculator skin in rainmeter possible?

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Re: calculator skin in rainmeter possible?

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Chewtoy wrote:If you enclose the variables being set in quotation marks it will write the variable rather than the value of the variable.
!RainmeterSetVariable AVariable "#NewThingy#"
!RainmeterSetVariable AVariable "[AMeasure]"
This hasn't worked, it still reacts as if it is reading the value. By directly changing the settings as shown in my previous post, I have gotten results. This shows that my system for reading the position is working, but the system for changing it isn't. From all the failures, the problem is still getting the formula in all the Button Measures ([1Measure], [2Measure]...) to change from (#Fac1# > 0 ? (#Fac1#*10)+4 : 4) to (#Fac2# > 0 ? (#Fac2#*10)+4 : 4)

JpsCrazy wrote:If you just replace all the #FacActHalf1# with !Execute [!RainmeterSetVariable #FacPos# ( it'll work like a charm. That's because DynamicVariables don't work within the [Variables] section. I guess I just never thought of a repeptitive !Bang being a variable and it threw me off.
Sorry, I didn't realize what you meant until I read your topic @ Because I based my whole thing upon being able to change the !Bang functions as it goes on, I either am forced to use your show/hide group technique or I need to use the new WriteKeyValue bang. In order to do the latter, I need to know how to activate a batch bang when the skin is closed or refreshed. I will work on a group meter version, but it will be over 6 times longer than a WriteKeyValue version that simply rewrites the variables upon closing if I were to add a few extra functions. I'm very sorry for wasting your time and all these posts on a skin that wouldn't have worked without a major rehaul and I will work to do both types and see which one is better.
As long as you can tell me how to do a bang before the skin is closed, a writekeyvalue version will be quite practical.
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