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What monitor is the cursor on?

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What monitor is the cursor on?

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Have looked around a bit for a plugin/script that could tell me what monitor the cursor is currently on.
Do you know if something like this exists?

I am making a suite for a touch screen and i had a little breakthrough today sending the mouse cursor back to correct position on the main monitor after i tap the touch screen, using a combination of the MouseXY plugin and NirCMD > setcursor
But instead of having see through skins covering every monitor connected to the system to log the mouse position, i would like a plugin to tell me when the cursor is NOT on the touch screen, so i can know when to log the mouse X and Y position.
It is possible to know the number of monitors connected with SysInfo.
Maybe this value could be used in a lua script?

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This thread looks interesting:

Any guidance is appreciated.
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