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Gmail/Calendar OAuth plugin

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Gmail/Calendar OAuth plugin

Post by johell »

Main goal of this plugin is to used OAuth authentication instead of hardcoded password send over http.
It Provide access to Gmail and Calendar via Google official APIs.

I have wrote it for my own skin needs so it may lack some genericity as a standalone plugin to create new skins.
You can find the Rainmeter Skin that is using the plugin here :

Source code of plugin is here:

Thank you to ouiouimagicbox and the google calendar plugin i have used a start base to wrote this plugin.
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Re: Gmail/Calendar OAuth plugin

Post by tjhrulz »

Might I recommend doing the following?

Make your release an rmskin so that way other skin developers can more easily start using your plugin. You would just include a prebuilt .dll for both x32 and x64 systems and your example skin.
Maybe add a readme to the repo so you can explain what it is and as give a rundown of the measures and all their options for the plugin in one nice easy to review place.

Looks great though and great job on the plugin looking forward to seeing what comes out of it :thumbup: