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Added !Delay bang to documentation

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Added !Delay bang to documentation

Post by jsmorley »

I added the !Delay bang to the documentation:

This was a bang we had provisionally added a long while back, while we were working on ideas for the ActionTimer plugin. When we decided to go with the more robust plugin measure approach, this was set aside, but left in the code.

While it has limited functionality compared to ActionTimer, in some cases it can be effective enough, and much simpler to use. So we decided to leave it in, and elevate it from an "Easter egg" in the code to a supported bang.

This bang is supported in versions of Rainmeter from 3.3 and up.

You can see it being used in the wild here:
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Re: Added !Delay bang to documentation

Post by Active Colors »

Didn't expect this bang appear. Before the ActionTimer appeared I would use this.

Code: Select all

;IfEqualValue * skin Update = delay in ms
IfEqualAction=[!DisableMeasure DelayedAction][your][bangs][here]

LeftMouseUpAction=[!EnableMeasure DelayedAction]
Now it's easier. Thanks for adding and revealing this bang.
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Re: Added !Delay bang to documentation

Post by fonpaolo »

I concur with Active Colors!
Many thanks for this feature. :D

...but, as a side note, it was better if you said this before, it would have saved more time to try to add other code! :x ;-)