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theimmersion's Desktop Friends

Skins with graphics and animations
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theimmersion's Desktop Friends

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I didnt see so many skins like these so i made some myself. I remember a time when i was a kid loving those kind of programs (favorite being the Valentine from Resident Evil).
Had a bunch of those made but my PC broke so had to make some new ones on my very crappy laptop. xD
So, they are just for fun and to look cute, no special stuff, no utility and nothing else.
theimmersion's Desktop Friends Img.png
theimmersion's Desktop Friends skin pack:
Ghosty - The Haunting Annoyance:
Toothy - The Creepy And Cute Kitten:

Special thanks to Xamag for the kitten gif that was used.

Note: since they are my initial release, i left some debug code inside that i will remove in an update when im sure there are no major bugs.

More still to come! :)
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