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Hello, new to rainmeter

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Hello, new to rainmeter

Post by iieeann »

Hi all! I have been a die-hard user of the old Windows Gadget and installed 3rd party software to continue using it until today.
It is still nice I must say, but having some inconvenience for my usage i.e. no layout saving option.

I use laptop at 3 locations with external monitors, each place has different multiple monitors setup with different resolutions. Windows Gadget has no option to save the layout and the only way to fast switch the setting is to have pre-saved settings.ini for each setup and manually replace them at different scenario. This requires killing existing process, replace the .ini and rerun it. Imagine doing this at least 3 times a day. Another issue with Windows Gadget is the 20% chance of crashing at startup which is annoying.

I just installed Rainmeter and have not explored much, but the layout saving and selection is brilliant. If it can remember the hardware ID and automatically loaded with respective layout that would be perfect. Currently the software did not detect and prompt for saving of current layout before switching, which is annoying if i have set it up properly but forgot to save it.

Rainmeter uses only 40% resources of Windows Gadget and more responsive on setting/customization button. I am looking forward to explore more. Currently loaded with Gadget 3.0.1 by SilverAzide (thx dude), hopefully can come out with gadget that can share with you all later.
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Re: Hello, new to rainmeter

Post by eclectic-tech »

Welcome to the forum :welcome:

Your point about Layouts not prompting to save before loading a new layout, can be frustrating...
I have done it more times than I care to admit! :oops:

I think you will find may useful skins and tools in Rainmeter to make customizing your desktop for multiple setups.

Feel free to ask any questions, someone is usually around to help. 8-)