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Is this project possible under Rainmeter ?

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Is this project possible under Rainmeter ?

Post by DannyBiker »

Hello, I'm new here and discovering the wonders of Rainmeter. Looks very promising to me as I search for a very specific interface for my tablet pc.

I'd like something close to Ubuntu Netbook Remix or more specifically Ubuntu Moblin Edition under Xp Tablet edition. I tried Ubuntu itself, it's great of course but in terms of tablet programs and environment, Windows stays the best for the moment.

So here is a highly amateurish sketch of what I'd like to have right on my desktop (as in "If I click on the Show Desktop Icon, it doesn't disappear"). I made in two minutes, I know how to use photoshop and would be able to develop my own skin if I have to. Please, no jokes ! :D

As you can see : a Welcome "banner" on the top, with Time, Date, Weather, ToDo's/Agenda, Mail and a Rss feed.
Right below, icons of programs installed on the computer, organized with tabs.
At the bottom, some favourites web pages or files (snapshot of them, icons or list, whatever).

Is it doable with RainMeter ? If so, how (I'm fine with links for tutorials and how-to's) ? If not, how could I get something like that ?

Thank you very much !
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Re: Is this project possible under Rainmeter ?

Post by dragonmage »

The layout is definitely possible. The "show desktop" part is the maybe. If you use XP then, yes. If you use Vista/7 then no. Aero displays on top of the desktop and when you click "Show Desktop" it just puts everything behind Aero, including Rainmeter. We are waiting for Microsoft to make it possible to "pin" things to Aero, which would solve this issue.
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Re: Is this project possible under Rainmeter ?

Post by Alex2539 »

All of that is very doable and has been done by many people in one way or another. You can learn how to create your own skins by visiting Rainmeter 101 section of the site. I recommend taking a good look at the Anatomy of a Skin page and the Skin tutorials in order to get started.

After that there is always the manual that is included with Rainmeter if you need to look up something specific as well as these forums to help you out if you get stuck. The Tips and Tricks section of the page also has some very interesting tidbits that may prove useful.

Finally, :welcome: to the forums!
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Re: Is this project possible under Rainmeter ?

Post by DannyBiker »

Well thank you very much for your answers. After looking for the right tool to do this, I'm definitely sticking with Rainmeter ! I'm using Xp Tablet Edition so no Aero issues...

I will start an in-depth reading of the websites tutorials ans board but I just wanted to be sure I wasn't looking for something I couldn't obtain and waste my time. Now that I know, I'll get to work !

Thx... :thumbsu: