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Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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ParallelIcons V 0.2


Have your desktop icons appear in a minimalistic parallelogram shape. Fits on a lot of backgrounds due to transparency
The icons are interactive as a description of the icons appears above them when hovering over the icons.

Initialising icon set
Loading the correct skins and placing them in the right position can be done by loading Initialise.ini.
The icons have to be enabled/disabled/positioned and given an action in the file in the Resources folder. After that, all icons can be loaded, unloaded and updated by loading Initialise.ini.

The descriptive text above the icons can be turned off by setting TextVisualiserEnabled to 0

Adding extra icon places
In the icon pack, up to 20 icons next to the CPU, RAM, Drive and Network icons are supported, but if more icons are needed, they can be added.
To add an extra icon, create the icon file and add settings to

Adding icon images
A total of 28 different icons are included in the Images folder. If there are requests for more icons, please write a comment.

Other information and credits
The icon set is compatible with the DesktopFader skin, making the icons disappear if the mouse is not moved for a while:

The icon set can be found on DevianArt as well:

Credits for LS for the help creating the icons
Credits for jsmorley, since I used most of his NetworkPanlel code for the internet icon

- Initial release (version 0.2)
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