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Extendable SearchBar

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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Extendable SearchBar

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The following search bars (=plugins) are currently provided:
  • amazon
  • commandline
  • doublecommander
  • doublecommander_small
  • everything
  • everything_small
  • totalcommander
  • totalcommander_small
  • twitch
  • urlopen
  • websearch (DuckDuckGo)
  • websearch (google)
  • wikipedia
  • youtube
For configuration read the
For plugin development read
There both located after Skin installation in "[user]Resources_notes[/user]"

What makes this search bar different from others?
  • Easily scalable for high dpi screens.
  • Easily customizable for your current skin setting (color, font...).
  • Easily expendable with you're needed bar.
  • Saves current skin setting when closed.
  • Choose which plugins you really need.
How to use?
  • It's a Rainmeter skin you need "Rainmeter"
  • For Everything bar you need: "Everything"
  • For Double Commander bar you need: "Double Commander" and "Autohotkey"
    For Total Commander bar you need: "Total Commander" and "Autohotkey"
  • Install the *.rmskin file
  • Edit the "Searchbar.cfg.lua" for the technical aspects like required
    plugins and drive letters.
  • Edit the Searchbar<flavor>.ini for the appearance of the Skin.
  • Don't forget tor renew skin after changes inf cfg file!
  • If you have Problems, read the provided FAQ.txt, "Rainmeter Getting Started",
    ask here for help in the comments or ask in the Rainmeter forum.
Where is file X?

After you installed the rmskin file, open the skin folder in you're explorer (right click open skin folder in Rainmeter).

"SearchBar.cfg.lua" --> edit for technical things

"Searchbar<flavor>.ini" --> edit for appearance

"@Resources\_notes\FAQ.txt" --> more information for configuration

"@Resources\_notes\development.txt" --> more information for development

Download on Deviantart

2.03 (12.05.2021)
- BUG: fixed folder and file search on TC64bit
- IMPROVED: Updated notes and converted to markdown

2.02 (11.05.2021)
- IMPROVED: "totalcommander" & "totalcommander_small" adapted script to work with TC 9.51
- because the way this script works, it will probably not work with new versions
- IMPROVED: "doublecommander" & "doublecommander_small" make script more reliable 0.9.10
- because the way this script works, it will probably not work with new versions
- IMPROVED: separated BackgroundColor global variable, now you can specify
BackgroundColors separately, thanks to @unknownsoldierx

2.01 (06.01.2020)
- ADD: following plugins where added
- amazon
- commandline
- doublecommander
- doublecommander_small
- everything_small
- totalcommander_small
- twitch
- urlopen
- websearch (DuckDuckGo)
- wikipedia
- IMPROVED: compatibility
- powershell requirement removed
- auto plugin detection removed
- savesettings now default to false
- savesettings uses extra store file now
- IMPROVED: unicode support now in cfg file
- IMPROVED: some code refactoring
- IMPROVED: "totalcommander" ahk script
- BUG: "everything" removed unnecessary whitespace in everything search
- CHANGED: precompiled executables removed
--> if you want to use "doublecommander" or "totalcommander" you need also
install Autohotkey now. Because of the license I'm not allowed to ship
the precompiled version.

2.00 (21.10.2018)
- NOTES: Renamed "SearchBar-for-Everything-and-TC" to "SearchBar ReExtendable"
- ADD: plugin system
- ADD: possibility to disable searchbars(plugins)
- ADD: new plugins: "websearch", "youtube"
- BUG: "ALL" drives search with TC fixed

- ADD: added size variable
- CHANGE: design border-->shadow
(because of easier implementation of size variable)

1.03.1 (08.07.2017)
- BUG: fixed icon is drawn incorrectly
(changed image file format to png)

1.03 (06.07.2017)
- ADD: global variables for FontColor and BackgroundColor
- ADD: equal length between different skins
- BUG: fixed blurry TC Icon

1.02 (02.07.2017)
- BUG: fixed second search with open window in TC again (x86)
- BUG: fixed ProgrammICON counter range

1.01 (23.06.2017)
- BUG: fixed second search with open window in TC

1.00 (22.06.2017)
- initial release