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Skins that monitor system information
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Re: CPUTemp

Post by balala »

fonpaolo wrote:Just to go back to the original topic, I also can't use your skin, no thermal informations and my computer isn't so outdated...
For me the skin is working well, if Rainmeter runs as administrator. I wouldn't thought that no one else will be able to use the skin, but finally seems that indeed a solution using the CoreTemp app and its plugin (or any other similar app and the appropriate plugin) is much simpler solution. When I saw my skin running, I thought maybe some users would be interested to measure the temperature, without the need of installing some additional app.
Well, finally I probably was wrong...
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Re: CPUTemp

Post by fonpaolo »

As I said before, you don't know how many times I had to give up with some "smart" solutions, only because they worked on a few other computers or only with mine.
As you, I always try to use less external applications, or completely rely on Rainmeter, but most of the time I succeed only partially, when I'm really lucky.
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Re: CPUTemp

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fonpaolo wrote:You don't know how many times I had to give up to add some more functions and/or informations in my skins, only because when I test my skins, some informations aren't available in all the computers, even if they're build with (almost) the same hardware and by the same manufacturers, but different versions and OS. :(
STORY OF MY LIFE. I wish HWiNFO was easier to configure. Having different IDs for every single computer is a pain in the neck.
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