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NZXT CAM plugin?

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NZXT CAM plugin?

Post by Kermit51 »

Not sure if this is the correct forum section for this thread. If not, mods please move.

Does anyone know if there is a Rainmeter plugin for NZXT CAM system monitoring software?

CAM now supports fps overlay, so I was thinking it would be a viable alternative to MSI afterburner as CAM can measure GPU, CPU, ram, network etc all through one application. I'm very new to Rainmeter, so if there is no existing plugin, is it up to the community to create a plugin for CAM?

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Re: NZXT CAM plugin?

Post by tjhrulz »

Never heard of this software before but a quick search seems to show no there is not a rainmeter plugin for it.

You are correct though that since there is no plugin currently available for it someone from the rainmeter community would have to make one. Looking at the software however it does not look like there is any public API for reading data from it. So unless someone were to reverse engineer how their phone app works, which is not an easy task, it is not really feasible.
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Re: NZXT CAM plugin?

Post by lysy1993lbn »

Not that I know of, but You can use HWiNFO. There's Rainmeter plugin plugin for it.

And for in-game overlay there's Rivatuner Statistics Server that works with HWiNFO to display hardware data.
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