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MiniSteam 3.0 - A fast and sexy Steam shortcut.

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MiniSteam 3.0 - A fast and sexy Steam shortcut.

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My first attempt at a Rainmeter skin. I started with an idea inspired from Steam Mini Launcher 1.0 ( made by BushTiger. I built on his script and carried on from there, so this is in no way my original idea, just an improvement. :)

I also released it on DeviantArt:

The filesize on DA is a little bit bigger due to the fact that I forgot to remove two small images that were no longer in use, so the version available here in this forum is the most up to date of the two.

The skin is basically a fast shortcut for your Steam application, where it displays the 49 games you have played the most, plus a LIBRARY button to the Steam library. Left clicking the steam profile image will open a menu. The shortcut menu closes automatically after you have clicked a game to start it, or you can close it manually by right-clicking your steam profile image.

The skin snaps like normal, and for a better placement I suggest you open the menu first, then drag the skin to where you want it by dragging the Steam profile image. ;)

All you have to do is replace my personal steam URL ending with your own.

Tell me what you think! :)

P.S There is a detailed readme.txt included in the skin!
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Re: MiniSteam 3.0 - A fast and sexy Steam shortcut.

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Could you make a version where it opens on the left side of the icon instead of the right?