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A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Post by Zaragan »

So, i've working on this since i joined on this community and now i want to share what i get. From several headbangs to a lot of nights working there we have.


BUT!! I recently discovered the @include function and im now working on a better view of the skins and this is the work (for now)


Now this is the features what im working on:
  • New skin updates checker
  • All language support
  • Centraliced styles
  • Centraliced settings
  • All world weather
  • Several games server status
  • Clean, simple and friendly skins
  • But with a lot of information!
  • Steam friend list
  • App / web launcher
  • Rss feed for new movies/series/anime
  • Translating all the skins
  • steam game launcher (editable)
  • Tell me what you want!
Please, say what do you think about! :oops:
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Re: [Dev]FullControl

Post by eclectic-tech »

Very interesting, clean with plenty of info... :great:

Do you plan on adding other color options, Font sizes, or other customization?

I see a lot of future items that will appeal to more users; languages, feeds, etc. :thumbup:

I would definitely test drive the release... 8-)