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Hi there.

I've been lurking around the concept of Rainmeter since the early days of Windows 7, and decided to finally get on board. Actually, my friend was using some M$ widgets that had been rewritten for 8 on her Windows 10 install, and a DSX widget (for Vista) on Windows 10 causing a whole lot of issues. So, while I'm by no means well versed in the subject, I was at least aware of the benefits of showing her the better way in a Windows 10 environment. Her DSX widget ( is causing some weird instability, though (taskbar flashing, etc).

Which brings me to my other point about joining up--I'm trying to both learn RM's scripting language and its Lua integration, while also trying to rebuild her deprecated DSX widget from scratch (with the original authors permission, also). All of which is pretty handy, considering I learned Lua solely for use in the MC1.7.10 mod "ComputerCraft"; so at least its just a matter of learning the skin protocols.

~If I manage to make any significant progress, I'll be sure to share it here--and also, probably, ask for hints.

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Re: Hello!

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Hello and welcome :welcome:.