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Ombrosa - a new sidebar (WIP)

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Ombrosa - a new sidebar (WIP)

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Hello all, I discovered Rainmeter about a week ago and after looking for a sidebar that could suite my tastes, I started making one, taking the Glasses theme as a base, adding some elements from the Speed theme(clock and Rss reader), and my own tweaks.

It retains much of Glasses customization (language, variables etc) but some elements are gone (most backgrounds and reflections, all option buttons).

Main features are:

- two main modes (full width and half width)
- date&clock, calendar support, picture slideshow, weather, notes, Rss feeds, music player
- rotating layouts, custom cursors, lyrics support

The layout is fixed (in the sense that it's a sidebar and its elements should be kept in those positions) but some elements can be rotated (shown/hidden in combinations).

In the upper right corner there's the sidebar control (a "rotating" cursor appears). You can shift from full to half and viceversa by pressing right mouse button. With the left mouse button you hide/show the whole sidebar.


This is more or less how it looks like (sorry some strings are still in italian, I have to correct them).

Full width:
Half width:
Rotating bottom layout (news/notes/split) with control that appears in the frame's upper right corner. The RSS feeds have 4 pages that can be changed with the mouse wheel. The full RSS view holds 10 links per page, the half/split view 5 links/page:
The weather frame the same as in Glasses by VClouds, but I added two icons for sunset and sunrise, and moved many detailed infos into tooltips:
There are some custom cursors and special "shortcuts". Options button only appear if you hover on the frame:

1: press left mouse button to open image, right button to open image folder
2: cursor for notes
3: cursor that informs about a layout change(rotate elements, shrink/hide sidebar etc)
4: cursor for options menus

Some options menu have their own images (I still have to clean up most menu entries):
There's calendar support (Lua Calendar), toggle with custom cursor on the date:
Finally a lyrics viewer:
It replaces temporarily the bottom frame, you can show it pressing the right mouse button on the album cover in the player frame. You have to set the lyrics folder path, I only tested it with Foobar2000. The lyrics must be txt files in the format "%Artist% - %TrackName%.txt". If the file doesn't exist you can still create it (with Foobar it will be then used as a regular lyrics file).

That's all for now, I don't have the file ready but I can post it somewhere if somebody wants to test it, it is mostly optimized for 1600x900 though (I still have to set resolution options).

VClouds for the Glasses theme (all elements except date (full width), clock and RSS reader)
minhtrimatrix for the Speed theme (date (full width), clock and RSS reader)