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Please rate/review/criticize my suite!

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Please rate/review/criticize my suite!

Post by Virginityrocks »

Deviantart link:

If you've tried this suite before, give it a second try. I've recently updated it with a ton of new features.

Please rate, review, and criticize my suite. I'd love to hear feedback from people, including the bad stuff. :confused: Which, hopefully, after my long, exhausting work, will be minor and limited...

Droptop is intended to be easily customizable, configured, give quick/easy access to your most used apps, and look professional to boot.

Be kind, but be fair!
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Re: Please rate/review/criticize my suite!

Post by eclectic-tech »

I like it!! :thumbup:

I have noticed one minor issue involving the system tray icon highlighting.

When I scan the mouse over the icons, sometimes the next icon disappears rather than being highlighted...
this seems to happen mostly between the battery and wifi pair of icons or the search and clock pair.

BTW, I did add a comment to your post about the fileview plugin delay. I started experiencing similar delays on my skins and noticed it on your 'Downloads' and 'Recent' folder skins. Hopefully, the Brian can find an answer... :D

Nice work on this suite! :rosegift:

EDIT: The disappearing seems to happen when I use Helvetica fonts. The default and several other fonts seem to be working.