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Post by Nozzy »

Hey, i'm new to forums in general and somewhat new to Rainmeter. i don't know much about editing codes to make stuff work.

Having that said i've used Rainmeter for a year now with diffrent visualizers and i'm extremely pleased with this piece of software, however i'm having a issue that i've had since day one.

My NowPlaying.dll file is either not working or i haven't "activated it" somehow, what i'm trying to say is that i use Spotify as my daily driver for music, and i have never gotten the song title, album cover or artist name to work on Any spotify visualizers. it always says "N/A".

Now i've spent so many hours trying to understand what's wrong by Google and try & error, but so far the only thing i've found out is that the play/pause and Next/prev track buttons ALWAYS work, but the text and cover doesn't.

I checked the C:\Program Files (x86)\Rainmeter\Plugins and found both the Nowplaying.dll and the spotifyplugin.dll there so their not missing atleast.

Just to have it said, yes i have tried to change the player to spotify or Spotify in every visualizer :/

From what i read earlier, The new rainmeter version was doing something with the Nowplaying, but i didn't understand what they ment by it, but i updated to v4.0 Beta to see if that helped, but nope.

thank you in advance for any help you might give :)

PS: I added a screenshot of all my Visualizers to show the probem (track information)

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Alden Rankin
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Re: NowPlaying.dll/Spotify

Post by Alden Rankin »

I have the same problem, no idea how to fix it. :confused:
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Re: NowPlaying.dll/Spotify

Post by fonpaolo »

Spotify Pluugin
It's not NowPlaying the problem. ;-)
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Re: NowPlaying.dll/Spotify

Post by tjhrulz »

Seeing as the output is 0 on the spotify info that looks like the ilmerge failed on whatever build of the dll file you have, try deleting the spotifyplugin .dll file from your plugins folder (~\AppData\Roaming\Rainmeter\Plugins) and redownloading the installer for the plugin.