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Forcing a User Agent String with cURL

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Forcing a User Agent String with cURL

Post by jsmorley »

Edit: June 1, 2016 The functionality to set a custom User Agent String has been added to the WebParser plugin in the latest 4.0 beta version of Rainmeter, and there is no need to use cURL for this purpose any longer. I will leave this Tips & Tricks however, as there may be other reasons you might want to use features of cURL with Rainmeter, and this shows how you might do so.

User Agent String

One thing you may very rarely run into when using WebParser to parse a website, is that the site reacts to the browser or program you are connecting with, and might format the output differently depending on what capabilities it assumes you have. This is done by the site using the User Agent String that is sent as part of the HTTP header when connecting.

WebParser uses a User Agent String of "Rainmeter WebParser plugin" when accessing a site. If you wish to connect to a site in Rainmeter using a different User Agent String, you can do this by using cURL to get the entire site into a file, and then you can still use WebParser to parse this local file and return whatever results you want.

Getting cURL

What you need to do is go to, scroll down and find "Win32 - Generic" or "Win64 - Generic" as you desire, and select the latest version as a .zip file.

Unzip this file, and put it somewhere in your skin's @Resource folder where you can access it.

What User Agent String to use
You can decide what User Agent String you want to use by connecting to in your browser and copying the string displayed there, or connect to if you want to manually choose one of many, many browsers and programs.

The approach

What we will do is use the RunCommand plugin to execute that curl.exe that we put in @Resources. We will pass it a URL and some parameters, and have it output the results to a file. We will then use the WebParser plugin to access this local file and parse it as we normally would.

An Example
This .rmskin includes version 7.48.0 32bit of curl


Code: Select all


Version=May 30, 2016
License=Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0
Information=Demonstrates using cURL.exe (included) to force a particular User Agent String when accessing and downloading a remote resource.

UserAgentString=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.63 Safari/537.36

RegExp=(?siU)<h1>What is my User Agent?.*<div class="value">(.*)</div>
FinishAction=[!CommandMeasure MeasureGetSiteCURL "Run"]

Parameter=-s -k -A "#UserAgentString#" "#URL#"
FinishAction=[!CommandMeasure MeasureResultFile "Update"]

RegExp=(?siU)<h1>What is my User Agent?.*<div class="value">(.*)</div>

InlineSetting=Weight | 700
InlinePattern=WebParser User Agent String
InlineSetting2=Weight | 700
InlinePattern2=cURL User Agent String
Text=WebParser User Agent String#CRLF#%1#CRLF##CRLF#cURL User Agent String#CRLF#%2 
So this will demonstrate the result with normal WebParser, and with cURL and a defined User Agent String.

The parameters I used on curl.exe are:
-s : Silent (no download progress & statistics)
-k : Allow insecure connection on https
-A : Set User Agent String

Note that I am not advocating using this approach to bypass checks that a site may do to "force" you to connect to it via a known browser, in order to ensure you at least are presented with advertising or other information displayed on the site. While this is very, very rare, it would be my opinion that this should be respected.
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Re: Forcing a User Agent String with cURL

Post by jsmorley »

So the very day I used that site to detect your User Agent Sting as an example, they changed it to obfuscate the results from parsing via HTML. ;-)

I have corrected the skin and .rmskin to use a different site.