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Sharing my Windows 10 Desktop

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Sharing my Windows 10 Desktop

Post by xavrio »

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share here my desktop layout achieved with Windows 10 and Rainmeter 3.3.


The visualizer is from "Monstercat Visualizer" working perfectly with foobar2000 1.3.10.
Music title, author and album information come from "Muziko", also works fine with foobar.
The rest comes from customizations of a skin called "Simplic" and another one called "Elegance".
A few other elements like processes list for example do come from the "Enigma" skin.

The windows taskbar transparency was made more transparent than the default using "Classic Start Menu 4.2.5".

I really liked the result and felt like sharing it here.

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Re: Sharing my Windows 10 Desktop

Post by jsmorley »

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Re: Sharing my Windows 10 Desktop

Post by AstroidCookie »

Very nice indeed! :D