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Newest visitor to the Valley of Lost Souls...

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Newest visitor to the Valley of Lost Souls...

Post by Cordemanon »

Konichiwa, Bienvenue, Aloha, and Hello in whatever language you choose.
To say that I'm new to Rainmeter would be the epitome of understatement; I've only been messing with the program for about a week now, but I have invested some serious time in reading the online documentation (which amounts to over 200 pages of reading just for the basic tutorials! :o ) and I seem to have come to a bit of an impasse.

In all of my wanderings through Deviantart and the Rainmeter Hub, I have seen a plethora of skins for audio players and gallery slideshows and what I haven't seen is a single skin that will allow me to play a video file in a compressed window ( I did have a Windows Gadget at one time that was a Sidebar video player, but lost it when my laptop decided to digest its Windows 7 OS)

I guess what I want to know this: is there any possible method of forcing a video playback program such as Windows Media Player to work in a small window (say, 320x180 px to maintain 16:9 ratio)?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Newest visitor to the Valley of Lost Souls...

Post by NegativeIQ »

As newbie to newbie, dont know about WMP but you can do it with VLC, you can actually force any aspect ratio you want, including non standard/custom...If you want to play it using rainmeter i have no idea how can you do it as i dont know any video players for rainmeter.
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Re: Newest visitor to the Valley of Lost Souls...

Post by alexau »

nice to meet you. im Alex