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Illustro Lucidas Edit 1.0-b2.0 (11/04/2016)

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Illustro Lucidas Edit 1.0-b2.0 (11/04/2016)

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Welcome to Illustro Lucida's Edit!
Illustro is the first Rainmeter suite that the user will get. It's a good suite.
And i wanted to expand the suite. My main goal in the beginning was to create
a hub or a notification center where the user could get some usefull information
in a robust and discrete way. I made this for myself but as i did more and more
work to it i started to really fall in love to the style that Illustro has. My new goal is to
keep on adding to this project, to add new features and new widgets. My first
thought was to merge my skins into the Illustro folder but right now i have
modified about 70% of the code. So instead of merging it I made an edit, Lucidas edit.

This means that Illustro Lucida's Edit will be used in its own folder and will not
damage the Illustro folder. I Also want to credit the original author: Poiru

What you will get in Illustro Lucida's Edit
You will get a notification center which will act like a hub for your ordinary widgets
but also for your new notification widgets. I will add more and more features and widgets
in every update, to see everything that has been added so far see the documentation.

Some words from me
Scroll on Today/Notification background on the Notification Center skin to switch between
today and notifications. Skins can be used in the Notification center or as standalone widgets.
Look at the skin, send me feedback on what you would want changed,
removed, added to this suite. Thanks. - Lucidas

Widgets added
  • Google (Illustro)
  • System (Illustro)
  • Clock (Illustro)
  • Network (Illustro)
  • Recycle Bin (Illustro)
  • Disks (Illustro)
  • Update (new) - Only used as a central hub widget
  • Rss (new) - Removed, may be revamped
Illustro Lucidas Edit

Version Numbers

Versions can look very different. There are two main
different versions. Versions using "-a, -b, -rc" which
stands for "Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate" and are used
for developer versions. Those versions who doesn't use this
format are ordinary versions.

Version 1.0-b2.0 (11/04/2016)
  • Updated:, it now stores about 70% of the needed options, this makes it easier to create widgets
  • Updated: Central Hub, changed name from Notification Center to Central Hub
  • Updated: Central Hub, now has two animation styles (original swipe and a new fade)
  • Updated: All widgets to be able to understand the new remade
  • Updated: Sorting system, now Illustro will be in a separate folders and the new will be in the folders called lucidas
  • Updated: Widget lists, now you can add the widgets via settings
  • Added: Disks widget from Illustro
  • Added: Recycle bin widget from Illustro
  • Added: Network widget from Illustro
Version 1.0-b1.1 (24/03/2016)
  • Updated: Welcome, update link to open the forum thread added instead of
Version: 1.0-b1 (22/03/2016)
  • Updated: Widgets to be able to use notification center
  • Updated: Welcome screen to show more relevant information
  • Added: Notification center where you can add widgets
  • Added: Rss feed notification/widget to see feeds
  • Added: Update notification/widget to look for updates
  • Added: Updating feature.
Latest Update: 1.0-b2.0 - 11/04/2016
Rewrote the whole suite to be more easy to use. This is just building up for future plans and now i have
added all the Illustro widgets. The next big update will have some new widgets made by me and a lot of other

Download Latest Update: 11/04/2016
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- Lucida Grande
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Re: Illustro Lucidas Edit

Post by NighthawkSLO »

That left/right slide shows what rainmeter can do but in my opinion it doesn't really fit as it's from nowhere to nowhere. A fade might do the trick.
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Re: Illustro Lucidas Edit

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NighthawkSLO wrote:A fade might do the trick.
Hmm, good idea! Will try to see if i can implement it in a good way, is it a fade out today and fade in notifications that you're thinking of?
Edit: Fade will be an option in the next update.
- Lucida Grande