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ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

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Re: ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

Post by theAzack9 »

royalrex wrote:I have a little trouble removing the combining of same applications. WindowMirror.exe was the first thing that I removed but now the problem is, I don't know how to separate same apps to individual icons. Any ideas?
I am sorry to say this since i was the one making it, but i offer no support for this plugin and it's component. It was a plugin i made years ago when i recently discovered Rainmeter and usability-wise is it horrible. I do have plans to remake this plugin sometime in the future, but as of now do i have other stuff to work on that takes priority.

Again, i'm sorry :)
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Re: ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

Post by StArL0rd84 »

Hi i have made a simple folder launcher that i want to make smart.
By "smart" i just mean if a folder in the launcher is open the icon should change color.
I can see your plugin detects open explorer windows but i cannot figure out how.
My launcher parses the path to the folders for the name of the folders.
If i then could cross reference with you plugin to see if any of the opened folders names/handles matches, i could then change the color of the icons.

Could you give me a hint?

EDIT: Posted a more detalied question here:
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Re: ProgramOptions - Interface with running programs

Post by BlueJive »

Hey all,

A bit of an old post, but I hoped I could hop on the bandwagon briefly just to get a question sorted without making an entirely new thread for it.

I've been going through this plugin, and first off marvelling at how amazing it is. A super usefull thing, for a variety of stuff I've coded. But my main question is how to use this program to simply measure how many apps are open, without the other awesome plugins. I've done some fiddling, but I can't quite get it to work. I'd be happy to share my progress so far if you want, but on the whole it's mainly non-existent. So I'd really appreciate some help.

Thanks :D