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Hello I'm Mellow

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Hello I'm Mellow

Post by _Mellow »

Hello my nick is Mellow and im from Germany. :welcome:

I was searching for a tool to customize my Desktop and found Rainmeter.
Really loved the amount and quality of skins for this tool.

I'm currently working on my Desktop Design and found some great skins to use.
Thanks to you guys :D

The only thing i was missing, was a latest netflix movies skin.
So i googled a bit and just wrote my own.
(Is there a reason for no Netflix skins?)

I'm looking forward to use/develop skins and discover more features of rainmeter.

Hopefully everyone understands my school english :)
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Re: Hello I'm Mellow

Post by FreeRaider »

Welcome in this community.

For any doubt, feel free to ask.