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The Panels!

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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The Panels!

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Hello Again!

I've been pondering around with Rainmeter a lot lately. I reconstructed my first creation "The Top Panel" to actually be a "Bottom Panel", and it has been altered, a lot too. Currently trying to make it more versatile for different screen types - In Addition it also got a new name - The InfoBar, in which I want to display all 'relative' important information needed by the user.

BUT. It's not what I want to show here. This creation has been in the making since I finished my first one. This I call "Panels" as it is 4 different panels across the screen with a specific theme too it. What I will display here has an Avengers: Age of Ultron Theme to it.


The idea was to hide away games, applications, and other stuff, which I often use or simply just make it easier to find in the first place. I find the windows start menu to be small which IMO can easily become confusing and then you easily overlook the things you were looking for.

The size of the panels, icons, placement of the text to each icon and 2 very small panels are all dependant on the width of the screen resolution. Therefore it should, in theory, work on a 16:9 screen as it does on my 21:9 screen. Though some of them might be a bit misplaced, maybe 1 pixel to the wrong side. I've done my absolute best and mathematics isn't my strongest skill, though I'm not bad at it. if you have any suggestions or feedback, I would gladly receive it,


I would like to thank JSMorly, helping me to further understand how rainmeter works as he responded so nicely to one of my idiotic posts. :)
I would also like to thank FreeRaider for providing me with the neccesary information I needed to finish, what I found to be a difficult part of the whole skin.