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The Top Panel - My First Skin

Skins to open folders and launch applications and websites
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The Top Panel - My First Skin

Post by Kureshai »

Hello Everyone.

Over the last couple of days I've been working on a top panel which in the beginning I Thought would be too hard for someone like me to be able to do at all. And I made a previous post coming up with this idea if someone wanted to make it. Well JSMorley told me otherwise so I changed my mind on how to achieve this.

So I began figuring out how to do my own Rainmeter skins and stuff. I'm a novice in Photoshop, so I got that going for me, which is nice. but on the other hand. anything in here could have been done in paint. lol. As the adventure of creating a rainmeter skin continued I started to get into trouble. I posted another thread for help and I'd like to thank, Fonpaolo, Balala, Active Colors and JSMorley for helping me out.

So.. for the creation itself - I Present to you, the minimalist Panel

Yes, my screen is really wide. it's a 21:9 ration screen. :)

The creation I did what the panel at the top, which has the most vital things I need when I am on my computer.
The Recycle bin, left click to open it, right click to empty it. You might wonder why it says "HUHARGH" in red. It's because there is something in it, but it isn't really full. I don't know what the word is, or even is there is a word for it, for something like that. A word that describes what is not empty, yet neither is it full.

Then there are the meters for just CPU and RAM. need to implement Temperatures in Celsius to CPU too. On the far right is the clock. And spread around the panel, Task Manager, Controls, Device Manager, iTunes and Steam open up each of their respective applications.

Last are the Applications Folder, Games Folder and Bookmarks Folder - They open up the secondary panel which is darker as you can see on the image, and shows a total of 14 icons in the middle, at the size of 44x44 pixels.

Now down at the dock, the Audio Output Visualizer is not from my creation it is the Lano Audio Visualizer -
But in the dock itself, there is a rainmeter icon to the far left - it's a shortcut to turn on / off the panel at the top.

have a good day. :)
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Re: The Top Panel - My First Skin

Post by jsmorley »

Looks good to me!
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Re: The Top Panel - My First Skin

Post by Ezy »

Can i have a link to get it ? please man, my desk is so ugly and i love your first skin :-(
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Re: The Top Panel - My First Skin

Post by Kureshai »

Sure. but if you do not have a 21:9 screen it probably won't look as good as it does on mine.

Though if you really want it, I uploaded it here

Currently working on a new skin, where I set up the background in different vertical panels, which will take the job, that the folders in my first one have.